Your data – protected in your way

Your data protection, backup and recovery solutions, should cover your whole specter of data resources, video files and backup for everything from photos to streaming.
With all this variety, the last thing you would want is going to be thinking about supporting every individual device for backup and recovery and with CommVault you won’t have to.
Our automated, integrated approach towards your data security, allows you to see all your data no matter if they are on a device or in the cloud.
Secure your database, files, applications, endpoint and virtual machines with maximal efficiency for all data and recovery profiles. Optimize storage with deduplication. Restore your data quick and easy at any given time.

VMs and the cloud


Cloud options seem to be the only thing growing faster than your data. Connecting your backups to the cloud won’t be an issue with Commvault. Backup and recover your virtual machines, structured and unstructured data with speed and scale – and remain agile by easily moving data between clouds to avoid lock-in.
More than 25 cloud storage platforms are supported by Commvault.

Commvault’s ability to provide end-to-end VM backup, recovery and cloud management creates a significantly better way to build, protect and optimize VMs throughout their lifecycle.



Commvault provides a better, simpler way to protect and recover your business-critical databases through automatic discovery, push-button recovery, intuitive deduplication, cloning/replication, and by smarter hardware snapshots through built-in application integration. Eliminate the need for multiple, costly backup tools and complex scripting, while improving database performance. Commvault has everything you need to accelerate recovery and shrink backup windows, while providing granular, table-level recovery.

Email and messaging


Instead of spending your time searching for and recovering one user’s lost or deleted emails, give your users self-service access to search and restore messages without IT intervention. That frees you up to think about more strategic challenges like archiving and moving to the cloud – just a couple more things we can help you with too.
1. Simplify backup and recovery through a single solution that integrates multiple tools, including hardware snapshots to accelerate recovery and automate database archival
2. Shorten backup windows and reduce storage costs by enabling easy, self-service access to all archived email.
3. Give end users the ability to search and recover missing or deleted messages, without IT intervention to boost productivity.

Enterprise applications


Commvault protects your mission-critical applications, from SAP to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Built-in application aware snapshot support and software deduplication keep your applications available and your users happy, while dramatically reducing recovery times.
Email along with enterprise applications are the heart of the business. You need to keep the business running by ensuring information is readily available with no downtime. For all business critical applications, availability and recoverability begin with backup. Considering 60% of business-critical information is stored in email, reliable backup and recovery is essential. Commvault gives you unlimited scalability as your needs increase, keeping your applications protected as you grow.



With Commvault backup and recovery, we don’t stop at file servers and storage arrays. Even business files stored in third-party file sharing applications can be protected in a secure, searchable and centralized virtual repository. Protecting and gaining control of all that unstructured data is essential — and a challenge.



Commvault enables the data created and stored on laptops, desktops and more to be accessible anytime, anywhere — with a self-service recovery portal accessible from any web browser or mobile device.
Commvault protects your data wherever it lives with secure, efficient backup and recovery. We help you gain control of endpoint data on laptops, desktops and other devices with source-side deduplication, opportunistic scheduling and bandwidth throttling.

Deduplication built in


Data continues to grow, but with deduplication you can get control of its incredible growth. Rather than requiring a separate hardware deduplication appliance, we’ve built deduplication into our software, giving you the flexibility to decide what and where to deduplicate.
Up to 90% reduced network backup traffic.
With source-side deduplication, efficiency is the name of the game — making your backups faster while sending less data over the network and using less storage space.
We integrate deduplication functionality directly into our software for a backup and recovery approach that is flexible, scalable and cost effective. Whether you are protecting data in private or public clouds, remote office servers, laptops or critical applications in the data center, we can help you boost your backup speeds while decreasing your storage and network resource consumption.